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Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Handyman Services
  • General Handyman
  • Appliance Install
  • Cabinet Install
  • Closet/Shelves Install
  • Curtain/Blinds Install
  • Dishwasher Install
    • Interior Door Install
    • Furniture Assembly
    • Fitness Equip Assy
    • Picture/Wall Hanging
    • Playset Assembly
    • Lock/Doorknob Install
    • Thermostat Install
    • Jeep Soft Top Install
    • Storm Door Install
    • Garbage Disposal 
    • Sink/Vanity Install
    • Faucet Install
    • Toilet Install
    • Fan (ceiling/bath/hood)
    • Light  (interior/exterior)
    • Switch/Outlet
    • Wire Circuits
    Home Electronic
    • TV Mounting
    • Cord Concealment
    • Ring Products Install
    • Smart Home Install
    • Floors/Walls/Electric/Water
    • Full Renovation Start>Finish
    • Basements/Bathrooms
    • Kitchens/Garages
    • Plank Floor Install
    • Carpet Install
    • Tile Floor Install
    • Floor Removal
    • Baseboards/Trim
    • Framework/Roughing
    • Drywall Frame/Hang/Tape
    • Drywall Repair/Texture


    Labor Costs:

    As a family owned business, it is important to us to offer fair prices to our customers, as well as fair wages to the professionals on our team. Services are billable hourly, rounded up to the next half hour, and payable upon completion. Rates do not include the price of materials. For transparency, more details may be found below. 


    • Hourly: $75/hr

    • Hourly (2 Techs): $150/hr

    • Emergency Evenings & Weekends: $120/hr/tech

    • Minimum: 1 hour, please bundle small services

    • Please see Typical Service Times below



    Material Costs:

    Customers are financially responsible for materials. Materials may be purchased independently by the customer-- or they may request we do the shopping at our hourly labor fee.


    Cancellation Fee:

    Projects canceled within 48 hours of appointment will be

    charged 20% of the estimated labor cost.

    Typical Service Times:

    *Please note: Actual prices and times may vary based on specific project circumstances*


    "Click" Flooring: 20 sf/hr

    Install Trim: 20 Lf/hr

    Remove Carpet: 40 sf/hr

    Install Electrical: 50 sf/hr

    Install Plumbing: 50 sf/hr

    Frame Wall: 25 sf/hr

    Insulate Wall: 100 sf/hr

    Drywall Hang: 60 sf/hr

    Drywall Mud/Sand: 80 sf/hr

    Drywall Texture: 110 sf/hr

    Drywall Paint: 50 sf/hr

    Ceiling Area: -20% sf/hr

    Install Complete Wall:


    Drywall Repair: 2 hr/sf



    Bed Frame / Crib: 1 hr

    Dresser / Armoire: 2-3 hr

    Night Stand / End Table: 0.5 hr

    Kitchen Table Set: 1.5 hr

    Desk: 2-3 hrs

    Bookcase: 2 hrs

    Sofa: 0.5-1 hr

    Playset Assembly: 4-12 hrs/2ppl

    Hang pictures: 10-15 item/hr

    Install Interior Door: 1-2 hrs

    Install Barn Door: 1 hr / 2ppl

    TV Stand: 1-2 hrs

    Fitness Equipment: 1-2 hrs


    Electronics & Lighting:

    Replace thermostat: 1 hr

    Hang ceiling fan (<14ft): 1 hr

    Light fixture (<14ft): 0.5-1 hr

    Replace switch/outlet: 0.5 hr

    Install Wiring: 2 hr/recepticle

    Mount TV (under 60"): 1 hr

    Blinds/Curtains: 0.5 hr/ea


    Kitchen faucet: 1 hr

    Kitchen sink: 2-4 hr

    Garbage disposal: 0.5-1 hr

    Install Cabinet: 1 hr/ea

    ---Sink Cabinet: 2 hr

    Cabinet hardware: 15/hr

    Appliance install: 1-2 hr

    Install Dishwasher: 2 hr

    Install Vent Hood: 1-2 hr

    Install Microwave: 1 hr

    Exterior Vent: 1-2 hr

    Install Water Purifier: 1 hr

    Unclog Dishwasher: 1 hr



    Install faucet: 1 hr

    Install sink: 1-2 hrs

    Change water valve: 0.5 hr

    Toilet replace/reseat: 1 hr

    Bathroom fan replace: 1-2 hr

    Shower head replace: 0.25 hr

    Vanity replacement: 2-3 hrs

    Vanity installation: 1-2 hrs

    Shower Door: 3-4 hrs

    LVP Floor (40sf): 3-4 hrs

    Tile Floor (40sf): 7-8 hrs



    Replace Mailbox: 2-3 hrs

    Replace screen: 1 hr

    Install Exterior Door: 2-3 hrs

    Install Storm Door: 2 hrs

    Replace Deadbolt / Knob: 1 hr

    Jeep Soft Top Change: $130

    Ring Doorbell: 1 hr

    Ring Floodlight: 1 hr

    Garage Rack: 2 hr

    Basketball Hoop: 4 hrs / 2ppl

    Sliding Glass Door: 4 hrs / 2ppl

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    About us

    OmniTrades was founded in 2019 by Scott Petri, who graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, Scott worked as an engineering project manager and an optical coating engineer. However, he found himself unsatisfied at a desk all day. Scott comes from a family of trades-people and has always found joy in the work. This inspired him to use his advanced mechanical knowledge and skills to start OmniTrades. Thanks to his engineering background, Scott has the unique ability to sort information and visualize a solution. While working with his father (a master electrician), Scott learned the importance of truly listening to his customers' needs and fully explaining their options. Scott values his customer’s confidence in him and strives to create a long term professional relationship. 


    Our company is licensed
    and fully insured

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